8yr old Rapper TJ Sauce Kid Wins Rap Snacks Jingle Contest

TJ Sauce Kid, 8-year-old rapper from Atlanta, GA wins him a $2500 cash prize and a year’s supply of Rap Snacks for winning their Jingle Contest!

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About TJ Sauce Kid

TJ Sauce Kid is a young rap genius who has created a huge sensation in the music world with his mind-blowing single “Show You How to Do It”. The single aimed to inspire all kids out there to believe in themselves and explore their true potential.

“TJ wants all his peers, the little children, to believe in themselves. He is positive that this self-confidence in oneself is what is going to lead them to success and help them overcome all obstacles in life. Most importantly, he believes every child holds the potential to be a ‘BOSS kid’ (all kids can Believe Overcome See & Succeed).

About Rap Snacks
Rap Snacks provides unconventional flavor profiles iterated by today’s hottest Rap Superstars including: Migos White Cheddar with a Dab of Ranch, Lil Yachty’s Hot Cheese Fries & Hot Chili Pepper & Lime Crunch Curls, Trina & Fetty Wap’s Honey Jalapeño, Fabolous Deli Cheddar, Boosie’s Louisiana Heat, and Romeo Miller’s BBQ Honey.

Check out the BTS of TJ Sauce Kid’s official Rap Snacks Jingle music video! – Watch video

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