Who We Are

RSG Agency

RSGA is a full-service digital agency and distribution company focused on artist & brand development. 

"Top 5 Social Media Influencers of Atlanta 2014"

Our History

Since 2012, we’ve used results-driven marketing strategies to serve as a launching pad for artists, brands, and athletes to shape culture.
We specialize in everything from sound, to marketing, distribution, branding, and overall business strategy.

From Atlanta, to the World

RSGA is based in Atlanta, but our reach is global. We’ve helped artists and brands in the sector expand their reach and connect with audiences by giving them the tools to navigate the streaming landscape, the strategies to create a distinct brand presence, and the support to make a large-scale impact.

We support everyone from recording artists, athletes, independent record labels, DJs, producers, songwriters, and brands. Our goal is to build lasting, meaningful, multifaceted careers, and success stories for our clients.

We are a team of skilled digital marketers, brand managers, and talent experts with over 30 years of service.

Servicing Over 200+ Indie Artists Worldwide

137 Music Releases Since 2018

100K+ Reach Across Over 30 DSP Playlists

Over 11 Million+ Catalog Music Streams

Our Partners

We don’t stop at music

We partner with some of the most notable legacy brands in the space, providing guidance on how to relaunch and drive relevance in culture, one product at a time from brands like Rap Snacks and Rap Snacks “Boss Up” Foundation, FUBU, Reebok, and more.

Channel Partners

dasha ware

Humble Beginnings, Impressive Results

RSGA got its start in 2012 as a boutique social media marketing agency in the iconic Atlanta hip-hop space. After working with some of the biggest names in the business like Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Lil Mo, 21 Savage, Waka Flocka Flame, Sean Garrett, and more, we’ve begun to serve a different market: The next stars of the urban entertainment market.