Producing Your Own Music vs. Finding a Producer

One of the most challenging aspects of creating music can be the song’s beat and production. It has to be catchy enough to grab a person’s attention, as well as creative enough to stick out from other current music. Creating the production can be complicated and challenging, resulting in very few artists largely contributing to their music production. 

However, the artists that do are much better for it, as they’re known as some of the most forward-thinkers and potential stars in the industry today. There are pros and cons to whether or not an artist such as yourself should produce their music, and that’s exactly what RSG is going to help you determine. 

Artists including Kanye West, FKA Twigs, Tyler, The Creator, and JPEGMAFIA, among dozens of others, are known for having a large hand in producing their work, if not entirely by themself, with the result of critical acclaim. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be looked at as if it was an easy road for the artists. 

It took years of practice and effort towards their goals to get to where they are in their careers, and it most likely won’t be too different for the artist reading this article. Whether it be learning the basics, or fine-tuning these skills, learning the ins and outs of beat making and production can be extremely beneficial to them. It allows them to work on their own at any time, day or night, should inspiration come to mind, without the reliance of a collaborating producer. 

Finding a producer, on the other hand, can save a lot of time that can be focused on other tasks, such as songwriting, recording, or collaborating on another artist’s music. Bringing in a producer, or producers, to collaborate on new music can bring new ears with different perspectives to the room. 

These producers may very well have a greater knowledge when it comes to handling production, which the artist can learn an immense amount from. While production is widely considered one of the most essential aspects of creating music for an artist to know, it’s one that could be learned at a later time, should there be a more pressing matter at hand. 

It’s important to remember that imitating what these popular artists do doesn’t get rising artists to the top of the charts. Just like these artists are, it’s key to focus on creating something original and pioneering in today’s sound. When an artist tends to focus more on the passion of what they’re creating, rather than the monetary value that could come from it upon release, great things can happen. 

Whether the artist would wish to focus on the creation of their art on their own, or focus on their lyrics and collaborate with others on certain aspects, is entirely up to their preference. However, it may be in their best interest to go with the one they’re more afraid of, as it betters them as a musician and artist as a whole.