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RSGA is a launching pad for aspiring music makers (artists, producers, and songwriters). We develop and prepare talent for a successful career path. We partner with music makers for 2 years as an exclusive distributor and marketing partner. Our A&R team actively helps the music maker build relationships with major labels and brands to further their careers.

For consideration, all submitted audio releases must be prescreened through an RSGA A&R representative. Our evaluation method examines releases from every angle – from the composition and production on a song level to the originality of the project as a whole.

We also evaluate the following, we analyze both streaming engagement and social media interaction. It’s important for us to see if an artist has a substantial following on the top digital streaming platforms. Lastly, we identify the potential. Our analysis models are designed to provide us with a complete overview of the artist’s current standing and projected return.

All partners must provide:

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