Our mission is in our name: The Rising Star Group. We create niche opportunities for emerging artists, producers, songwriters, and athletes to give them the tools they need to succeed in the early stages of their careers and beyond.

Our team works alongside the talent or brand to discuss the best marketing tactics to package the talent or brand and their product.

“Every artist, brand, and athlete needs a partner to help them get that competitive edge, to take that leap, to have their back. By helping Rising Stars early in their careers, we give them the collateral they need to negotiate with confidence and crossover.”

Dasha Ware

- RSGA Founder

A Launching Pad For Culture.


We’ve helped artists and brands expand their reach and connect with audiences by giving them the right tools and support.

We help artists and brands put together a strategic marketing strategy that includes content distribution, digital marketing & publicity, social ads, and campaigns. 

Our goal is to help artists and brands achieve realistic, long term success through consulting, support, and guiding to build lasting, multifaceted partnerships, careers, and success stories. 

Campaigns & Social

We are fully capable of delivering results-driven campaigns that are scalable, data-driven, and customized. 

We manage and optimize Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads based on consultation and assessment. We help artists and brands come up with the right strategy and then build out and manage the campaigns for success. 
We use data to make decisions and to determine how to generate the best return on ad spend and sales through paid social advertising.

Distribution & Synchronization

We help independent music makers connect their content to the world and placed directly into the market.

We provide full digital distribution to 150+ national and international Digital Service Providers (DSP) including in the US and China who pay royalties for streamed or viewed music products. 

Our synchronization services can get your music in front of top music supervisors. We’ll determine the best placement – film, television, or commercial – based on your sound.

Custom Design & Coding

Creating a stimulating brand experience for your audience is vital in becoming a successful artist or brand. 

First impressions mean everything to your brand, especially online. We have a team of tech experts who can bring your vision to reality. Our team can build anything from Apps/websites, branding and style guides, creative assets, merch concepts, and resources that will excite your followers. 

DSP Merchandising

We guarantee a minimum increase in streams of 30% above the artist’s current monthly streaming average.

We’ve helped talent grow from the underground to over the top success. Our proprietary distribution network secures placements within highly-trafficked playlists for our artists to drive exposure to their newest tracks. Playlists are the new digital radio stations and are key streaming revenue generators. Having the right placement and curator relationship can result in thousands of daily streams.

What Clients Are Saying...

“The Rising Star Group is a vibrant company dedicated to elevating the music culture through innovative strategy.  For over 10 years, RSG has been a dedicated partner to Rap Snacks in managing our social media and music platform to ensure our brand stays relevant and connects to the culture. With RSG, we have not missed a beat and our brand continues to grow from the constant contributions that this team has made. The opportunities are limitless in this partnership and because of this, we have been able to expand our reach to millions of fans.”