Why Music Videos Can Be Beneficial to A Record’s Sales

The rollout and promotion to a new track is arguably the most important aspect of making a profit off of quality content. Along with the song itself, an artist often shoots and releases a music video to the most entrusted track for extra promotion. Music videos may seem as if they’ve slowly faded away around the same time as MTV, but that’s far from the case. Music videos are still alive — and more relevant than they have been in decades– thanks in part to big-name artists investing money into the video’s production. 

The primary reason music videos have made such a resurgence in recent years is due to the streaming era dominating the music industry. While every stream is pennies on the dollar compared to what an artist used to make when albums were primarily purchased in full, fans are more likely to run a trackback and consume it repetitively at free will. With that being said, streaming a music video works the same as it would work with a song on any other platform. Artists can still make money from videos just as much as their songs on iTunes, Spotify, or any other service. 

Many songs have blown up thanks in part to their videos, such as “Turn Down for What”, Tay-K’s “The Race”, and Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”. While these songs more likely than not would still have blown up, they wouldn’t have reached the heights that they did if it weren’t for their well-known videos. This potential for a track to go viral from the video increases the likelihood that the song will be streamed more, resulting in a higher profit for the artist and their team. 

While all signs point to releasing a music video alongside a track’s rollout, the process can quickly become expensive. Some of the most expensive music videos often resemble short films and can go upwards of $1 million, yet that’s not to say the idea of a low-budget video is impossible. Videos such as Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” are similar to that of a high-budget action film, yet was made on a budget that was mostly comprised of profits from the viral track with a cautious creative eye. 

In short, music videos are a completely plausible and recommended aspect of a promotional rollout for an artist’s most popular tracks. While they can be expensive, they can very well stay within a designated budget under the proper creative direction. However, it’s key that the artist has full confidence in the choice of song that a video will be given to, as the video should go to one of the most streamed tracks from the new project. Making careful yet optimistic creative decisions, such as this one, is guaranteed to give the artist positive exposure and public awareness that will boost them to the top of the charts in no time!